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Looking ahead, our vision is to create uniquely sophisticated living spaces whilst preserving the intrinsic features of both residential and commercial properties in their prime locations. With professionalism and teamwork paired with integrity and respect towards our clients, we are dedicated to provide high-quality services, prime locations and comprehensive real estate solutions.


Euroterra is a property investment, development and management company dedicated to developing world-class properties for investments and personal living. The main aim of our successful company is to provide the best real estate investment services to our demanding client base and to progress further and further.

At Euroterra, our passion is to create functional spaces blending high aesthetics and sophisticated design by selecting prime locations that undoubtedly add value to our properties. Over our 40-year-course, we have developed residential, commercial and industrial properties of more than 2 million square meters and we have expanded our presence throughout Europe.

What makes us stand out? Our genuine focus on building and maintaining solid and long-lasting relationships of trust with our clients and our aspiration to provide comprehensive, superior quality services from the stage of architectural design and property development to interior design, sale and property management of any real estate asset.


Our mission is to maintain our position as a leading property investment and development specialist. We seek to demonstrate our capabilities by constantly identifying timely real estate investments, developing creative strategies for adding value – and executing those strategies so as to generate exceptional returns that deliver consistent, stable cash-flow.



Michalis Therianos


Xenogiannis Ioannis

Financial Services Director

Vasiliki Vagena

Chief Executive Officer

Giota Kotsomiti

Financial Services Assistant

Eirini Vlasakaki

Customer Relations Manager

Lidia Gerdjikova

Chief Financial Officer

Donika Ivanova

Head of Operations

Roumiana Ivanova

Financial Services Assistant

Nikos Poulidas

Project Manager

Kasoumi Dimitra

Interior Designer/Architect



Create great places that engage people’s emotions and keep them coming back.
We believe that design is among the critical factors that create an enhanced human experience, and that Great design is Great for business.
The measurable impact of design in physical space is, however, frequently underestimated, and the majority of companies have no systematic approach to creating a differentiated experience.

Tombazis & Associates

Alexandros N. Tombazis and Associates Architects were founded in 1963. Our services cover the design and supervision of works of almost any building type and scale. We undertake architectural, urban planning, interior and furniture design and work closely with a broad network of professionals for the other engineering disciplines. Based in Athens, Greece, we have undertaken commissions which have been constructed in Portugal, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Cyprus, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, and China.